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"10 Neuroscience Ideas That Every Modern Thinker, Coach & Leader Should Know"

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Neuroscience can catapult your coaching and leadership influence to get massive changes in your clients and give more value so you can get more referrals and charge higher fees.

Shonté Jovan Taylor, Success Coach + Author + Neuroscientist

Here's What Shonté Jovan Taylor, Neuroscientist will teach you in the book:


  1. The definiton of Neuroscience and the 3 parts of the brain that you absolutely must know to optimize brain performance.
  2. The Neuroscience of Peak Performance & Leadership.
  3. Myths and truths about learning Neuroscience. Everyone has the right to understand the brain, not just scientists! 
  4. The Neuroscience of Positivity, Habits, Sleep, Gratitude, Compassion and More...