"5 Ways to Leverage Neuroscience in Your Coaching, Leadership, Content Creation, Consulting and Trainings To Get Visible, Boost Your Confidence & Client Transformations As Well As Increase Your Bottom Line."

(Even if you weren't that good at science)


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  • Discover the 5 ways to leverage BRAIN science to ADVANCE the mind and brain of MODERN thought leaders, coaches, and professionals to make a BIGGER IMPACT in their organizations, professional realms and businesses. 
  • Increase your client list who will become raving fans of your techniques and experience DEEPER transformations in their lives.
  • Increase your value (financial bottom line) as a coach by demonstrating your neuro-based strategies that will separate you from the 99% in your industry.
  • Enhance your leadership brain and influence over teams and workforce.
  • Effortlessy expand how your brain creates, develops insights, innovates and overcomes burnout.
  • Apply these strategies to your own personal life to be a more effective parent and deepen relationships. Stop struggling to connect with your children and others in your life by using better tactics that counter mental resistance. 

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Neuroscientist + Success Strategist + 2x TEDx Speaker  

Shonté spends her days speaking to the most successful mindsets and brain experts across multiple industries and fields. She shares her findings with coaches, wellness professionals, leaders, parents, teachers, & business owners who want to increase their influence, effectiveness, and bottom line.

Shonté Jovan Taylor OptiMind Institute, Founder + Neuroscientist

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