Leverage Neuroscience To Grow Your Coaching, Speaking,
Leadership, Training & Influence:
5 Shifts My Clients Make To Create Cutting Edge Content To
Attract More Clients & Opportunties To Stand Out From Their Crowded Industries. 

(Even if they don't have any content yet...)

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Wednesday, April 07, 2021 

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  • The real reason why just "showing up" and creating content isn't enough, and how you can start freeing your time and mental energy ‌today.

  • How to attract more people to your expertise and get ahead of your competitors.

  • And how to do all of this while staying true to your purpose so you can fall back in love with your mission and always be the coach, leader, trainer and influencer you always were meant to be.

Shonté Jovan Taylor

Shonté Jovan Taylor is the founder of the OptiMind Institute. She's not your average Author, Speaker & Success Coach, she is also a UCLA-trained Neuroscientist.  Her mission is to use her expertise to inspire and train 100 million leaders and coaches to infuse brain-based strategies into their work to fully transform those they serve. The world would be a better place if we all learned to use our brains better don't you think? Let's go on a learning odyssey to do just that!