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OptiMind Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Can I receive continuing educational credits (CEUs)? 

Currently the OptiMind Institute only provides CEUs towards coaching continuing education purposes. You can imagine trying to gain CEUs for every industry. Our mission is to empower and inspire the new generation of coaches, thought leaders and modern thinkers to optimize their potential in their personal, professional and business world.  

What does this mean? 

This means taking the complex neuroscience concepts and ideas and transforming them into tangible ways to fuel our everyday living and decision making in our lives and in those we influence. The OptiMind program has a ratio of 40% science and 60% applied brain-based strategies to achieve just that. We delve into the brain science behind daily human activities that we (or our clients) often neglect. By doing we so, we (and those we influence), become more aware and appreciative of these human processes and will follow through and implement them on a more consistent basis. The brain is all about forming habits and the better our habit formations of living with the brain in mind, then more of our human and brain potential we will be able to access. How do people use the certification and/or program training?  

Some people use the certification to establish more credibility in their areas of work. Many people can discuss the brain but not all people are formally trained. This can make the difference in some fields when seeking clients, speaking engagements or training opportunities. Also, people who are trained feel more confident in their approaches and have more tools to help their clients and workforce. OptiMind participants come from all different backgrounds and so they determine how they will integrate the brain-based strategies in their niche to expand human potential including: 

• starting coaching programs, • incorporating in presentations, • consulting in organizations, • writing books on niche subjects, • improving educational tools and trainings, • enhancing clinical practices, • developing better technology and apps, • improving professional development training, • enhancing persuasion in marketing, sales and business strategy, • creating unique corporate wellness programs, • and so much more! The people who have taken this program ranges from an actress to real estate agents all the way to Vice Presidents of organizations. The brain is the center of how we feel, think, and behave. The OptiMind program covers not just concepts but neuroscience -based strategies on how to parent better, have deeper relationships, lead others, and optimize creativity and productivity and so much more. It is truly a 360-degree knowledge. Because graduates are able to speak at this level, they report getting a significant increase in clients and more respect in their industry. Additional results include: • Coaches use the title and knowledge to demonstrate to their potential clients that they can offer more value with this specialized training. • Executives can be better leaders of teams and harness their productivity better. • Health and wellness coaches can explain how their product and services affects the brain using real terms backed by science. • Coaches and leaders use the title on their websites and other social media platforms as a marketing tool to increase quality leads • Caretakers who are taking care family members with brain disorders/diseases learn to manage their brain’s emotions and brain stressors to be more centered. • Graduates and clients are more intuitive, self-aware, better decision-makers and can generate (and access) innovative ideas more easily.