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Shonté Jovan Taylor, Msc.

OptiMind Institute Founder + Neuroscientist + Thought Leader + Success Trainer

Dr. Ryeal Simms, PhD

Neuropsychologist + Relationship Scientist + Body Language Expert

Jenn Fairbanks, Ms.

Mindfuless Expert + Corporate Trainer + Coach

About The OptiMind Neuroscience Coaching & Leadership Training Institute...  

The OptiMind Institute is an ICF-accredited personal and professional development training entity designed specifically for reputable coaches, trainers and leaders. Our mission is to inspire and train modern thinkers on how to effectively utilize and APPLY the principles of neuroscience to help their clients, personal and professional growth as well as their business endeavors. Our skills, knowledge, abilities and results are based upon our years of clinical and real-world professional coaching, leadership and industry practices. Our services and programs have been structured to give you sets of tools that will enhance your coaching and leadership to effective and powerful - through direct access to the power of the mind. The research on Neuroscience (brain science) is exploding and reveals that we can do so much more with our mental abilities than we ever imagined.The brain is MORE than dementia and brain injuries. It is the source of our beautiful emotions, decision-making, creativity and ability to be laser-focused. But here's the problem...the research is coming out FASTER than scientists can give to the public in an applicable way. These neuroscience BREAKTHROUGHS are buried in some obscure scientific journal that 99% of everyday people will never read (or know exists). But you and your organizations don't have to! Our team of neuroscientists have combed through the research and have distilled and simplified what you need to know to infuse power packed strategies into your everyday life and profession. Imagine having access to the most advanced brain-based personal and professional development minds and strategies on the planet to 10x your existing skills and abilities without needing to read through thousands of scientific articles. You finally can! We did the decades of research and plowing for you. We have broken down the best high performance brain practices in easy, digestible programs, trainings and events. It's time to give your clients and teams the scientific power to change undesirable habits and thoughts. You can become trained in these areas and or become a certified NeuroCoach and NeuroLeader to improve emotional intelligence, brain health, productivity, memory, and creativity in a short time. We look forward to helping you (and your organization) to optimize your mind so you can optimize your impact in the world. With Gratitude, Shonté Jovan Taylor, Neuroscientist Founder of The OptiMind Institute  

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